I just returned from week in Georgia co-hosting the 2016 SEAMUS national conference. What an experience. Thanks to all who participated. we had more than 200 conference attendees presenting concerts, installations, papers, and late night concert events.

I’ve uploaded a recording of “Heliocentric” for clarinet and microsounds which was premiered at the conference. you can find it in the “electronic” tab.

Right now I’m working on the first OSC3 album for ambient/drone electronics, a commission for percussionist Tony Steve, and continuing to work on my own solo multimedia show that I’m hoping to have done this summer for a tour next winter/spring. I’m in the early stages of a new theory textbook that focuses on commercial music composition as the basis of the freshman theory sequence, and I’ll post some more on that soon. As always things are moving.




Happy new year! this is my semi-annual news announcement. First, we are closing in on February, which means the SEAMUS National Conference is right around the corner. I’m co-hosting the conference, held at Georgia Southern University, with my incredible colleagues John Thompson and Martin Gendelman. It has been an exhausting process coordinating this behemoth, but with the help of many people, we are making it work.

The spring is bringing many exciting things. First, the inaugural performance of the Electronic Music Instrumental Collective (EMIC). I’ve been writing and arranging for the ensemble, which is 30% laptop ensemble, 30% EDM, and 30% post-noise rock. The other 10% is indescribable. It has been a beautiful process creating this……..ensemble, and forging an identity from a void of nothingness. As we stand on the precipice of this adventure, it is my hope that the ensemble serves as a vehicle for exploration, both of soundworlds, and crossover potential. I’ll post some videos in late May of the early performances. I have 3 new instrument and microsound pieces in various stages of development, but the one closest to completion is a piece for microsound and percussion ensemble. I’ve had some interest from people asking about percussion pieces, so I finally got around to writing one. It will be premiered by…….(we’ll see who gets it first!) next fall.

I have 3 new albums coming out this year (that I know of!). First a new 32 Below record is in the production stage, and the songs written so far are far more grounded, raw, and soaring than on the last album. I can’t describe it better than that, so if you are interested in hearing the next big thing in country music, head over to

Next is an electronic music solo project that I have been working on for a while. It’s an minimalist/ambient record, and it forms the core of a solo/duo show that I’m hoping to take out next spring. some samples can be found on the “ambient” page.

Lastly is a yet unnamed record that I’m working on with a close friend. I’ve wanted to make this album since I was 15. I’m a lot older than 15 now, but I’m no less excited about it. what is it? I just. can’t. tell. you. Yet.

welcome to the new year. be well.


welcom to the fall, pt. 2

Lots of new things to update about. First, and most exciting, I’ve accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Technology at Minnesota State University. I’m excited to be returning to Minnesota, but I’m deeply sad to leave my incredible friends/colleagues/music collaborators in Jacksonville. I’m traveling a lot this fall performing at festivals, including a rare gig with OSC (my ambient electronic band with the inimitable Keith Kothman.). I have a new electronic music ensemble, EMIC (Electronic Music Instrumental Collective) that I’m doing a lot of writing for. What is EMIC? I really don’t know. It’s part media art, part music, part concert hall, part coffeehouse, part late night ruckus all in one. what will the music sound like? I’ll upload some videos after our inaugural concert in November. I have some new music to post, and there is some that’s already up on the site. check it all out.



Just back from a great time at EABD. Thanks to Mark Snyder, our always fantastic host!¬† I presented my new video piece “Emergence”, which is now posted on the Electronic Music page of this site. I also got a chance to do a set of live laptop stuff with Keith Kothman. This was our second show this year, and we got to thinking…………… It’s going to be a regular thing. We’ll be doing some recording this summer, with a website/album/short tour happening next spring. Here’s a pic of our setup from Saturday night:


32 Below’s “Every Little Thing About You”

My good friends 32 Below have released their new album, “Every Little Thing About You”, and it’s a hit! the Album is #66 in the iTunes Country Albums chart, and the single “You, Me, and the Whiskey”, has hit #70 on the iTunes Country Singles Chart. I was a songwriter/producer on the album, so it’s exciting to see the record do so well right out of the gate. Check it out on any digital platform, and check out the band at:

The Fall……

I’m settling in to life at JU this fall….and it has been hectic. ¬†Prepping classes, writing pieces, and revamping the record label has me pretty busy. I’m really excited about all the changes that are happening, and I’ll have some great things to announce soon. In the meantime, I’ve added some new pieces to my media pages, so check them out! I’m in the process of prepping some scores to add to this site as well. So performers if you are interested in performing some of my works, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to send some materials along. I’m heading up to EABD in about a month for a performance of “Before Reminiscence”, along with a few other performances scattered throughout the fall.

Changing leaves, seasons, times.

– m.


Florida…..Here we come!

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Music at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, FL. I’ll be teaching music business and music theory classes, as well as revamping the Dolphinium Records label. I’m excited about joining a wonderful faculty of musicians and composers, and I’m looking forward to the fall!!

ASCAP/SEAMUS finalist!

I’m very excited to announce that I have been selected as a finalist for the ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Composition Competition! My work “Before Reminiscence” will be performed at the 2013 SEAMUS National Conference in St. Paul in April, where the results of the competition will be announced.

I’ve also been invited to present a few pieces at the 2013 EMM Invitational Festival at Western Michigan University in March.


Check out the performances page for more upcoming dates.